Ticketmaster Ireland recently carried out an in depth survey to gain some insight into the minds of fans and their views on attending live events in a post Covid world. This research will aid Ticketmaster in supporting our fans, venues, promoters, and the live event industry as a whole. Here are some of our key findings.

Whether their event was postponed, rescheduled or cancelled, A whopping 85% of fans have had an event effected in some way by the pandemic.

92% of fans plan on returning to live events, a figure that bodes well for the event industry as we move gradually towards the reopening of venues across the country.

Live events are high on the list of priorities for early-returners, coming in just under ‘Travel’ and ‘Dining Out‘.

Early returners are the segment (34%) of fans that expect to return to live events, one month or less after restrictions are lifted.

Further findings show that the majority of fans would keep their tickets to a rescheduled show, with 67% stating that they would hold on to their ticket.

Understandably, the majority of fans desire a number of safety measures put in place before returning to venues. A total of 87% require increased cleaning of venues and hand sanitiser stations.

Fans aged 25 and under are more likely to feel comfortable returning than those who are older. 99% of these fans will return to live events.

Ticketmaster Ireland will continue to work alongside venues, promoters and fans to ensure that we follow the safest pathway back to the return of live events.