We’re deep into the middle of what would usually be festival season, a time of unbridled joy where people connect with one another to escape the woes of the world. I think we can all agree that with how 2020 has unfolded so far, people have an urgent need to connect with one another now more than ever. That’s where ‘HOME’ comes in.

‘HOME – A Micro Festival For The Senses’ has been put together by H&G Creations with the vision of bringing people together to reconnect with one another and perhaps more importantly, to reconnect with themselves. The idea of the aptly named ‘HOME’ was birthed during isolation and aims to create time and space to celebrate life, to heal and to welcome new opportunities.

The innovative get-together takes place from the 28-30 August 2020 in Mount Druid, County Westmeath, a venue most commonly known for wedding ceremonies but on this occasion the only marriage happening will be the amalgamation of arts, music & culture. The venue will be offering luxury accommodation, with guests having the chance to stay in beautiful yurts, cottages, and tin houses complete with high spec beds, hot showers, in house fireplaces and surrounded by the beauty of the forest. The perfect setting to connect or indeed to disconnect.

The experience itself will be a combination of art, music, workshops, classes and wellness with an emphasis on supporting the arts and culture sector. The organisers have even set up a bursary fund ensuring that 10% of the event profits will go to members of the community that need funding to bring their art, music or cultural projects to life. The best of Ireland’s produce and culinary arts will also be on display ensuring that this really is a festival that touches on all of the senses.

If nothing else, HOME reaffirms that the event industry will return sooner rather than later and shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel, symbolically taking place on the last weekend of the Summer season. H&G creations mantra is to “make the ordinary extraordinary” and that’s exactly what they plan to do, as they set out to prove that there is in fact no place like home. 

Home – A Micro Festival for the senses is a 2 evening event that takes place at Mount Druid, Castletown, Co. Westmeath from Friday the 28th to Sunday the 30th of August 2020.