Irish Cancer Society

In honour of World Cancer Day, Ticketmaster is stepping up its commitment to the cause. From February 5 to March 9, Ticketmaster teams around the world are taking on a virtual challenge, covering 2024 miles – the distance from our office in Bangkok to the top of Everest. Teams will be logging their steps through fitness apps, devices, or manually, with all efforts contributing to fundraising for local cancer charities – the Ireland team is supporting the wonderful work of the Irish Cancer Society.

Over 500 employees from 30 offices globally are joining forces to collectively walk, jog, or run the 2024 miles or 3257.3km. Twelve team members from the Irish offices are taking part in the challenge in a powerful display of unity in the fight against cancer. You can view the progress of team Thin Lizzy Legs here.

Make a difference in the fight against cancer – donate now and support the Irish Ticketmaster team here.

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